Orphans of South Sudan

Transforming the Lives of Orphans of South Sudan’s Genocide

Our mission is to Educate, Empower and Equip Children Surviving South Sudan’s Genocide.

Our goal is to fund the education of one hundred orphaned refugee South Sudanese children living in Kenya at the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The children are relocated to either Roots Academy, a K-8 boarding school, or area high schools in Nakuru, Kenya to transform their lives and, by extension, their country. Seeds of South Sudan’s mission is inspired and led by our founder, former “Lost Boy” Arok Garang.

As of June 2013, Seeds of South Sudan has successfully enrolled 56 children in educational programs. We are proud to say that Deng Dau Deng, our first student to graduate from Kisanana High School, has qualified and applied for a collegiate scholarship with World University Service of Canada.

These orphaned refugee children are often underserved by the larger international humanitarian and government-sponsored relief organizations and have little to no hope for an education or opportunities for a brighter future. Learn more…