60 Minutes – The Lost Boys of Sudan

Bob Simon first met the Lost Boys in a Kenyan refugee camp in 2001 after they had fled civil war in the Sudan. Inn 2001, 60 Minutes aired a story about Lost Boys from Sudan who fought off unspeakable dangers and then flew off to the United States. It all began in the 1980s, during Sudan’s civil war in which more than two million people died. The boys’ parents were killed; their sisters often sold into slavery. Many of the boys died too. But the survivors, thousands of them, started walking across East Africa. Alone.

Five years later, they walked into a refugee camp in Kenya. That’s where we first met them, when many were hoping to go to the United States. Well 3,000 did, as part of the largest resettlement of its kind in American history. We followed the boys for more than a decade and couldn’t resist revisiting them, to see how they’re doing. But first, we’ll take you back to northern Kenya, to the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Springtime 2001.

Watch The Video:

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