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Arvada Covenant Church’s Kids’ Camp And A Small Group Raise Money For Seeds Of South Sudan

A couple of years ago, Arvada Covenant Church in Colorado became acquainted with Arok and his mission & vision when our children helped to raise money for a grinding mill in Arok’s home village in South Sudan. They raised the money during the week of Vacation Bible School called Kids’ Camp. The following year, the kids raised enough money to buy a water well for his village. It was a huge success with many people sensing the need to come alongside Arok with all kinds of support.

As a small group leader at Arvada Covenant Church, we are encouraged to participate in a service project within our own group once or twice a year. Our group decided to have a church yard sale the summer of 2012 inviting our members to donate unwanted items. I’m not a huge fan of having or going to garage sales, and as a result, my coordinating this effort was out of my comfort zone. Even with my lack of confidence, we knew it was God’s purpose, and we moved forward with the idea.

It was a win—win situation for everyone, giving our church family an opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted/unneeded items, blessing Roots Academy with $1,000, and donating all our unsold items to Goodwill. We were so thrilled with the results that it was a no brainer when the subject of service project came up for 2013. We held our second church-wide yard sale, and this year we raised $1,500. Praise God! 100 percent of the proceeds went to Seeds of South Sudan.

Another opportunity presented itself. My small group combined with another ladies’ group was able to bless Arok with gifts & clothes for his wife and children when he went home for a visit. We invited him to our group, presented him with the gifts, and prayed over him. It was definitely a feel good moment. I’m excited about what God is doing through Arok for South Sudan, Roots Academy, and for him on a personal level.

—Pam Butts

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