Benefit Concert

Benefit Concert
High School Honor Society Students Host Benefit Concert For Seeds Of South Sudan!

In the spring of 2012, Arok spoke before our high school’s honor society, and he told his story and the reasons why he had founded Seeds of South Sudan. We created a cloth banner where we had written inspirational quotes for Arok to take with him to Kenya and give it the students at Roots Academy.

Two months later, two of us coordinated a benefit concert to raise money for the students at Roots Academy. We held it a church and invited a Regee band and an African singer and drummer to perform. Arok attended along with Pastor Heidi McGuinness from Christian Solidarity International.

When Arok and Pastor Heidi were about to speak, we lost power throughout our city, and as a result, they had to speak without microphones and without their powerpoint presentations, and they used only flashlights. The bands still played and we danced by using flashlights! Everyone was very inspired and we all had a great time.

Hannah made beaded bracelets and donated all the proceeds from their sales to Seeds of South Sudan. We also took up a free will offering, and we raised over $2,000!

We encourage all high school kids to do what we did! It’s helping a very worthy cause and it’s also a lot of fun! It’s kids helping kids!

—Alyssa and Hannah

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