Frequently Asked Questions

Many frequently asked question will be answered by clicking the links on this page. However, if you do not find an answer to your specific question please feel free to submit your question through the contact us form and it will be responded to as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

What is the Mission and Vision of Seeds of South Sudan?

Does SOSS have a governing Board in the US?

What are the fundraising goals for the Seeds of South Sudan?

How are students selected from the Kakuma Refugee Camp for SOSS’s program?

Has anyone visited the schools in Kenya where they have SOSS sponsored students??

What can you tell us about Roots Academy.

What is the annual cost per student?

Where do the children live when they are on school breaks?

Can I choose the gender of the student I wish to sponsor?

How do I sponsor a student for education?

What is the process for a US student under 18 to sponsor a SOSS student?

Nothing is worse than growing up without parents or a home.
Nothing is worse than running for your life after your village has been burned to the ground
and everyone you love has been killed.
Nothing is worse than living without hope.
Imagine your child.
Imagine you can help just one child.


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