How are students selected from the Kakuma Refugee Camp for SOSS’s program?

Almost all the students from South Sudan are orphans; there are a handful of South Sudanese children who are not orphans but their parents are unable to provide food, shelter or education for them. The students in our program are carefully selected from among the brightest and most eager refugee orphans from Arok’s community. They exhibit leadership qualities and have an aptitude for the discipline and rigors of higher level learning.

The selected K-8th grade children are offered education at The Roots Academy, a boarding school located in Nakuru, Kenya. Older students attend high school and live with host families while school is in session. All students are in school for nine months of the year and are out of school for holidays and a three-month vacation. In an effort to create an environment of security, opportunity, and stability from the harsh conditions at the refugee camp, Arok has established a safe home base compound in Nakuru where the students live during their time off from school.