Donate to the General Fund

Help Us to Build a Generation of Educated Leaders for South Sudan!

Join us in transforming the lives of refugee orphans who are eager to attend school!  We interview young people at the Kakuma refugee camp who are identified by the South Sudanese community leaders at Kakuma because:

  • They show an eagerness to learn
  • They demonstrate leadership qualities
  • They want to help rebuild their country of South Sudan

All donations are welcome!

Select from these suggested giving levels or fill in an amount at other:

$1500 Education sponsorship (tuition, room and board for one student: 1 year)

$750 Student Home Sponsor – Covers food and other expenses at Home Base when the students are on school breaks  (three months a year)

$500 Food per student at school and Home Base

$300 Uniform and Shoes for new students and those entering high school

$150 Personal Expenses for one student for one year

$50 Medical Treatment for students

We understand that some are not able to commit to the monthly obligation to sponsor a child’s educational scholarship, but still want to help with an occasional supplemental donation or a one time contribution.

Donations to the General Fund are used on the following:

  • To provide food and medical care for the children when they are on break from the boarding school and return to the compound or their host home.
  • To purchase vital supplies for the Compound, such as sheets, blankets, dishes, utensils, etc.
  • Travel expenses— Arok Garang travels to Kenya every year and, at times, he travels to South Sudan.
  • Operating expenses such as printing of collateral materials to be used for fundraising and quarterly newsletters, website hosting and site maintenance and updates.




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Seeds of South Sudan

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