SOSS News Update Today

The SOSS News Update Today is a quarterly news letter produced by the organization to keep its members and other interested parties up to date on the current news and events and articles of the organization.

The News letter began in February of 2013. We make every attempt to publish the news letter within one month of the close of the preceeding quarter.

Past publications are posted in reverse order. Click the link to download and read the News letter PDF you desire.

NEW: Volume 6:3 December, 2017

Volume: 6:2 October, 2017
Volume: 14:2 July 27, 2014
Volume: 14:1 January 27, 2014
Volume: 13:3 October 5, 2013
Volume: 13:2 July 5, 2013
Volume 13:1 February 25, 2013