For the past two years, the Seeds of South Sudan (SoSS) Home Base has been housing as many as 70 SoSS students between their three terms of school in April, August and December. Our staff live there year around along with high school graduates awaiting college admission and funding. If any of the students get sick while in school, they also spend that time in the Home Base, instead of staying at their boarding schools.

We have been renting the house, but now are faced with the need to purchase it because it is now for sale and might be sold on short notice. The Arvada Covenant Church Kids Camp raised more than $29,000 in seed money in 2014 for this purpose, which gave us a start. The asking price is about $175,000 US (about 15% more than the price of our previous home, which was much smaller). Rebekah, the owner, has given us six more months to find another location. We have searched for alternatives over the past five months, but it is not easy to find housing for this many in one house, or even two houses next to each other.

Rebekah’s house has been a good fit for our present student population and has been a source of security and stability for our students. The house has a tall solid property enclosure wall and is also located in a very secure neighborhood, with 24 hour security guards. The market (for food and other needs) is easily accessible from this location, as is Roots Academy, where our younger students attend.

Our hope is to raise funds to buy this house within six months, if possible. Time is not on our side and we need urgent help. We need the prayers of many people; the efforts of some who know how to help us raise these funds; as well as individual or family donors. We believe that God will help us through this, but know that he expects us to make an effort as well!

Will you help us?

Home for the Seeds of South Sudan students when on break.

All 65 of the SoSS students in K-12, along with the high school graduates and staff gathered in front of Home Base on the first day of school in May 2016. The large home has been adapted with bunk beds to accommodate the 70 SoSS participants.


– Arok Garang Thuch, President and Mission Founder

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