What are the fundraising goals for the Seeds of South Sudan?

Seeds of South Sudan has two ongoing fundraising goals:

  1. Sponsoring the education of 100 students for their academic careers. We currently have 62 students sponsored.
  2. The building of a sufficient general fund.

The General Fund serves several purposes for helping SOSS meet its mission:

  • Lodging, food, sports and play activities, clothing, and medical needs for the students when on school breaks and holidays. Our current sponsorship structure provides for our students needs only while they are away at school, with additional expenses such as lodging, food, sports and play activities, clothing and medical needs being covered by the general fund while they are on break from school . For more information about sponsoring a child, please go here.
  • At this time, the main goal of the general fund is to purchase a Home Base property in Nakuru that houses the students whenever school is on break. Without this safe place for the children they must return to the Kakuma refugee camp, disrupting to their educational journeys.
  • The general fund covers operating expenses approved by the Board, such as website maintenance and hosting, printed materials and office supplies, office space, and events costs.
  • Yearly travel to Kenya for Arok to visit his wife and children and to manage the administrative needs for the Seeds of South Sudan students is covered by the general fund. Arok does not draw a salary from SOSS at this time, and receives only a small monthly stipend to help offset his expenses.