What is the Mission and Vision of Seeds of South Sudan?

Our Mission:

We believe in and are committed to the premise that by educating the children who have survived the genocide in South Sudan, we can transform their lives, helping them to become the future leaders of their community while building a sustainable future for the new nation of South Sudan.

Our Vision:

We carry out our mission by facilitating sponsorships for the surviving orphaned refugee children of South Sudan‘s genocide. The goal is to rescue 100 South Sudanese children now residing at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kakuma, Kenya and then educate them in top Kenyan schools in Nakuru, Kenya.

The vision of Seeds of South Sudan is to raise future leaders for the development and leadership of the Republic of South Sudan. Right now our goal is to sponsor 100 students, with 65 children currently participating in our program.The children in the SOSS program are selected carefully from among the brightest and most eager refugee orphans of Arok’s community. They exhibit leadership qualities and have an aptitude for the discipline and rigors of higher level learning and, in turn, we believe they will contribute much to their communities in South Sudan.