What We Do And Why

Stemming from the tragedy of the Sudanese genocide, there are tens of thousands of war orphans, children who have been separated from their families, slaves, and former child soldiers. These children have experienced trauma, displacement, malnutrition, physical or sexual abuse, and other deprivation. Not only do they desperately need to go to school, they are in dire need of food, shelter, clothes, and medical care.

Returning refugees face enormous social and economic barriers that cripple their ability to thrive or help lift their communities out of poverty. Because education is not a free right afforded to all children, the orphaned refugee children in the Kakuma Refugee Camp have little to no chance of getting an education in order to sustain their existence, much less improve their circumstances.

Seeds of South Sudan facilitates sponsorships for orphaned refugee children of Sudan’s genocide. We rescue South Sudanese children now residing at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kakuma, Kenya and educate them in top public and private schools.

ArokkidsRootsAcademySponsorships provide the funds for the children’s room, board, medical expenses, school uniforms and supplies, and tuition at either the Roots Academy (K—8 boarding school) in Nakuru, Kenya or one of the local four-year high schools. All Kenyan schools are committed to the highest quality of education.

While the children are on their breaks from school in April, August, and December, we provide for their needs at the SOSS Home Base in Nakuru.

We believe in and are committed to the premise that by educating the child survivors of the Sudanese genocide, they will become the future leaders of their community, building a sustainable future for the new nation of South Sudan.