Why Give?

Seeds of South Sudan gives refugee children hope through a quality education and safe living conditions, encouraging them to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Arok Garang, founder of Seeds of South Sudan, knows personally the importance of an education. As one of the few “Lost Boys of Sudan” who was able to come to America, he is truly dedicated to giving back to his country in hopes of helping South Sudan develop a sustainable and successful future.

Almost 100% of donations go directly to the benefit of the children, as all staff functions are performed by a group of dedicated volunteers and administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

The children are educated in the best schools in Kenya. Upon their graduation our hope is that the children will return to South Sudan to teach new generations of children, therefore becoming the foundation of the country’s future.

Whether you donate a little now, or fully sponsor a child, you will forever give hope to a nation and its children in need.

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