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Many frequently asked question will be answered by clicking the links on this page. However, if you do not find an answer to your specific question please feel free to submit your question through the contact us form and it will be responded to as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

What is the process for a US student under 18 to sponsor a SOSS student?2018-03-09T23:23:40-07:00
  • Demonstrate strong maturity, responsibility, and motivation
  • Have a parent or guardian letter of approval and support for fundraising activities
  • We request a recommendation from your principal or guidance counselor
  • Fill out a sponsorship application
  • Please send your cover letter and the principal or guidance counselor recommendation letter via email to info@seedsofsouthsudan.org
  • Allow 1-2 weeks for the Board to review your application

Please note, you will receive your Certificate of Sponsorship from SOSS once your annual sponsorship is paid in full.

If you need a letter from SOSS for college admissions or for your College Counselor, kindly let us know at least four weeks in advance with specific directions of who, what, when, where and why.

How do I sponsor a student for education?2018-02-26T09:52:40-07:00

The financial commitment for sponsoring a student’s needs for an entire year, including tuition, room, board medical care and other essentials, is $1200. We understand that this is a significant sum of money and, in addition to our individual donors, many of our children are currently sponsored by church, school, and community groups. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like help putting together a group to collectively sponsor a child’s education and care.

There are two ways for individuals and groups interested in sponsoring a child to fulfill the financial obligation:

  1. A one-time annual payment of $1200. (Due by June for the following academic year.)
  2. Twelve monthly payments of $100.

For those unable to commit to the full sponsorship of a child, Seeds of South Sudan is always deeply grateful for one-time or reoccurring donations of any size to our General Fund.

Can I choose the gender of the student I wish to sponsor?2018-02-26T09:51:52-07:00

There may or may not be a choice of student gender, though SOSS will try their best to accommodate gender choice when requested. It is the position of the members of the Board that both genders are capable of education and leadership in the development of this new nation, South Sudan. Therefore, both genders are considered with equal importance for sponsorship. Arok and the Board believe all South Sudanese children should be given equal opportunity to pursue education and lead their communities without gender bias.

Where do the children live when they are on school breaks?2018-02-26T09:50:26-07:00

During school breaks, which are the months of April, August, and December throughout Kenya, the SOSS students walk to the Home Base compound located near the Nakuru marketplace. They live there with responsible adults who cook for them, supervise games and activities, provide medical aid if needed, and keep them safe. Beds, linens, cooking pots, dishes, utensils, games, and sporting equipment have all been donated by caring people. The compound is currently for sale, and the Arvada Covenant Church’s Kids’ Camp has raised $27,000 to help with a down payment for its eventual purchase.The purchase of the Home Base compound is a major SOSS fundraising goal as our students have been through much disruption and displacement in their lives and this stability would provide the best opportunity for their success.

What is the annual cost per student?2018-02-26T09:48:51-07:00

SOSS donor’s financial responsibility to sponsor one student for one year is $1200. These funds go to the students:

  • Tuition
  • Safe, secure shelter and regular meals
  • School uniforms
  • Personal care and school supplies
  • Transportation
  • Basic health care

Any excess donation over $1200 goes to the General Fund for room, board and medical expenses while the students are not in school and are living at the Home Base. All schools in Kenya are closed in April, August, and December and each student’s annual expenses while at the Home Base averages around $500.

Donations to buy books, games and sporting equipment are always appreciated by the students.

What can you tell us about Roots Academy?2018-02-26T09:47:40-07:00

Roots Academy is located in Nakuru, Kenya. It is a high ranking K-8th grade boarding school privately owned by Mr. Anil Walia, a Kenyan citizen of Indian origin. The gender breakdown is 75% boys and 25% girls. Upon completion of the 8th grade, students are well equipped to take the high school entrance exam to continue their education. A website for Roots Academy is currently under construction.

Has anyone visited the schools in Kenya where they have SOSS sponsored students?2018-02-26T09:46:40-07:00

Roughly every two years, either members of the Board or founding supporting members of SOSS from Arvada Covenant Church visit Roots Academy and the Home Base alongside Arok.

The Board has discussed a mission trip to Kenya. However, based on the recent changes in Kenya’s security situation the Board has voted to postpone their mission trip at this time.

SOSS founder Arok Garang typically returns to Kenya twice a year to visit family and check in with the Home Base and children.

How are students selected from the Kakuma Refugee Camp for SOSS’s program?2018-02-26T09:45:43-07:00

Almost all the students from South Sudan are orphans; there are a handful of South Sudanese children who are not orphans but their parents are unable to provide food, shelter or education for them. The students in our program are carefully selected from among the brightest and most eager refugee orphans from Arok’s community. They exhibit leadership qualities and have an aptitude for the discipline and rigors of higher level learning.

The selected K-8th grade children are offered education at The Roots Academy, a boarding school located in Nakuru, Kenya. Older students attend high school and live with host families while school is in session. All students are in school for nine months of the year and are out of school for holidays and a three-month vacation. In an effort to create an environment of security, opportunity, and stability from the harsh conditions at the refugee camp, Arok has established a safe home base compound in Nakuru where the students live during their time off from school.

What are the fundraising goals for the Seeds of South Sudan?2018-02-26T09:44:37-07:00

Seeds of South Sudan has two ongoing fundraising goals:

  1. Sponsoring the education of 100 students for their academic careers. We currently have 62 students sponsored.
  2. The building of a sufficient general fund.

The General Fund serves several purposes for helping SOSS meet its mission:

  • Lodging, food, sports and play activities, clothing, and medical needs for the students when on school breaks and holidays. Our current sponsorship structure provides for our students needs only while they are away at school, with additional expenses such as lodging, food, sports and play activities, clothing and medical needs being covered by the general fund while they are on break from school . For more information about sponsoring a child, please go here.
  • At this time, the main goal of the general fund is to purchase a Home Base property in Nakuru that houses the students whenever school is on break. Without this safe place for the children they must return to the Kakuma refugee camp, disrupting to their educational journeys.
  • The general fund covers operating expenses approved by the Board, such as website maintenance and hosting, printed materials and office supplies, office space, and events costs.
  • Yearly travel to Kenya for Arok to visit his wife and children and to manage the administrative needs for the Seeds of South Sudan students is covered by the general fund. Arok does not draw a salary from SOSS at this time, and receives only a small monthly stipend to help offset his expenses.
Does SOSS have a governing Board in the US?2018-02-26T09:43:33-07:00

Seeds of South Sudan operates in the United States under a Board of Director formed by Arok Garang. The Board is currently all based out of the Denver area, though we have had Board members serve remotely in the past. We are currently in search of a President for Seeds of South Sudan, and Board development is always a work in progress. If you are interested in contributing your talents and serving on the SOSS Board, please contact us here.

The Board meets monthly throughout the year with a month off each during the winter and summer holiday season.

What is the Mission and Vision of Seeds of South Sudan?2018-02-26T09:42:54-07:00

Our Mission

Seeds of South Sudan rescues refugee orphans from the Kakuma Refugee Camp so they can receive an education in Kenyan boarding schools.  These bright children are selected for their leadership potential and willingness to help others, so they can become the “seeds” to build the new nation of South Sudan.

Our Vision

Seeds of South Sudan works to ensure that bright African young people are reaching their full potential.  Each SoSS scholar is given resources to obtain an education to prepare them to create a strong, peaceful and civil society in South Sudan.


The vision of Seeds of South Sudan is to raise future leaders for the development and leadership of the Republic of South Sudan. Right now our goal is to sponsor 100 students, with 65 children currently participating in our program.The children in the SOSS program are selected carefully from among the brightest and most eager refugee orphans of Arok’s community. They exhibit leadership qualities and have an aptitude for the discipline and rigors of higher level learning and, in turn, we believe they will contribute much to their communities in South Sudan.


Join us in transforming the lives of South Sudanese refugee orphans who are eager to attend school!

Seeds of South Sudan
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