Who Are The Lost Boys of Sudan?

The Lost Boys were more than 30,000 Sudanese children who fled a violent Civil War in the late 1980s. Arab militias from the north attacked villages, killing the men and women and setting their homes on fire. Boys between 5 and 15 years were often tending cattle in camps outside the village. When they saw

What is the process for a US student under 18 to sponsor a SOSS student?

Demonstrate strong maturity, responsibility, and motivation Have a parent or guardian letter of approval and support for fundraising activities We request a recommendation from your principal or guidance counselor Fill out a sponsorship application Please send your cover letter and the principal or guidance counselor recommendation letter via email to info@seedsofsouthsudan.org Allow 1-2 weeks

How do I sponsor a student for education?

The financial commitment for sponsoring a student’s needs for an entire year, including tuition, room, board, medical care and other essentials, is $1,800 or $150 a month. We understand that this is a significant sum of money and, in addition to our individual donors, many of our children are currently sponsored by a church, school,

Can I choose the gender of the student I wish to sponsor?

There may or may not be a choice of student gender, though SOSS will try their best to accommodate gender choice when requested. It is the position of the members of the Board that both genders are capable of education and leadership in the development of this new nation, South Sudan. Therefore, both genders are

Where do the children live when they are on school breaks?

During school breaks--the months of April, August, and December throughout Kenya-- the Seeds students live at Home Base, a large family home and compound in Nakuru, Kenya. They live there with responsible adults who cook for them, supervise games and activities, provide medical aid if needed, and keep them safe. Home Base was purchased with

What is the annual cost per student?

Sponsors change the life of a refugee orphan by giving them a chance for three meals a day and an outstanding education. The cost is $1,800 a year or $150 per month. Sponsorships can be shared with another person or a group.  The funds pay for: Tuition Safe, secure shelter and regular meals School uniforms

What can you tell us about Roots Academy?

Roots Academy is located in Nakuru, Kenya. It is a high ranking K-8th grade boarding school privately owned by Mr. Anil Walia, a Kenyan citizen of Indian origin. The gender breakdown is 75% boys and 25% girls. Upon completion of the 8th grade, students are well equipped to take the high school entrance exam to

What are the fundraising goals for the Seeds of South Sudan?

Seeds of South Sudan has several ongoing fundraising goals: Sponsoring the education of 100 students for their academic careers. Since its founding in 2009, Seeds has rescued more than 100 students from the Kakuma Refugee Camp.  Many of the students have now completed high school. Raise money to educate high school graduates to earn a

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