Our Mission is to nurture and educate refugee children to become leaders of South Sudan.

Transforming the Lives of South Sudanese Orphans

Our mission is to Nurture and Educate Refugee Children To Become Leaders of South Sudan

Founded by former ‘Lost Boy of Sudan’ Arok Garang, Seeds of South Sudan is now educating more than 100 children and youth in boarding schools and universities in Kenya. Using funds raised in the United States, Arok interviews students from the Kakuma Refugee Camp who are recommended by South Sudanese community leaders. The three requirements are:

  1. Children must be orphans;
  2. Willing to learn and
  3. Willing to rebuild their country of South Sudan.

Currently  SoSS scholars are attending Roots Academy (K-8) and others are attending high schools in Kenya. Another eight are attending university in Kenya. The students live at the Home Base in Nakuru during the three months of school vacations. Generous donors contributed to buy Home Base, so Seeds now owns this property.

Arok and two volunteers also interviewed 45 more children in Kakuma in Summer 2019 who are awaiting sponsors. The sponsorship of $1800 a year covers tuition, room and board at Roots Academy or one of the high schools. Seeds also has 21 high school graduates who are awaiting funding to learn a trade, a diploma at a two-year college or attend a four-year university.  A university education in Kenya costs $3,000 a year, including tuition, housing and expenses — one tenth the price of attending a public university in the US.

Please click here to donate and help our high school graduates continue their education or contribute to rescue sponsor more children from the Kakuma Refugee Camp for $1,800 a year. SoSS is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization in the US, so your donation is fully tax deductible.

Help Transform the Lives of South Sudanese Orphans

Founded by ‘Lost Boy of Sudan’, Now educating 100+ Orphans

Colorado Gives Day

With the support of American donors, Seeds rescues South Sudanese refugee orphans from the crowded Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. They join the Seeds family and are educated in boarding schools in Kenya. The students are selected based on elder recommendations and an interview in Kakuma.

Sponsorship of $150 per month covers tuition, room and board at Roots Academy (K-8) or one of the high schools in Kenya. Any donation helps, especially now as our costs have increased during the pandemic.

Please click on the icon below to schedule a donation for Colorado Gives Day, Dec. 8. You can help our high school graduates continue their education or contribute to rescue and sponsor more children from the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Your donation is fully tax deductible.

Seeds and the Pandemic

The 66 Seeds of South Sudan K-12 students are safely sheltering in place at Home Base in Nakuru, Kenya. Older students are teaching their peers and younger students in math, science, English, history, Christian religious education and Kiswahili, the local language in Kenya.

Eighteen Seeds high school graduates traveled to South Sudan in February to volunteer in local schools and see their homeland. Since COVID-19 hit South Sudan, they have been staying in a safe area, helping with raising cattle and other chores. They will return to Kenya once the border reopens between South Sudan and Kenya.

Three high school graduates traveled to Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2020 to be volunteer teachers to the thousands living there. These high school grads are also staying at Kakuma while the roads are closed. Please pray for the safety of all of our students!

Over $300K Donated

Since schools closed, Seeds is facing more expenses to feed the students and for medical bills if they get sick or injured. Please donate to help us meet these unexpected costs. click here to see how you can help.Thank you!/p>

Volunteer Your Time

We are always looking for great people to help our cause. Please click here for more information on volunteering.


Join us in transforming the lives of South Sudanese refugee orphans who are eager to attend school!


Lost Boy Finds His Mission

When the kids see Arok Garang at school, they see a friendly face and a hard-working custodian – instead of the lost boy who traversed hundreds of miles across a continent, avoiding war, famine and death.

Seeds of South Sudan