Our Students

Primary School – Roots Academy (K-8)

New Seeds students arriving from Kakuma Refugee Camp start their formal education at Roots Academy, a large K-8 school in Nakuru, Kenya not far from Home Base. The school attracts both boarding and local students. Click here to learn more.

Secondary Schools (Grades 9-12)

At the end of eighth grade, all students in Kenya take a national placement exam. The national government decides which high schools the students attend.  The national high schools are the most prestigious, followed by provincial high schools and local high schools. Click here to learn more.

Aguil Lual Deng

A Seeds of South Sudan Success Story

Aguil Lual Deng was born in 2001 in Paliau, South Sudan. She lost her parents in the genocide that continues to this day in South Sudan. Aguil was taken to the Kakuma Refugee Camp by community members. Arok selected Aguil for the Seeds of South Sudan program where she attended Roots Academy and received the medical attention that she needed.

Aguil thrived at school and in her final year at Root’s Academy, she was elected Head Girl by the nearly 1000 students. All students in eighth grade are given an exam and the government of Kenya decides whether they will attend a national, regional or provincial high school.

Aguil was selected for the Njonjo Girls High School, one of the top-rated national high schools in Kenya. She entered her sophomore year in January 2018. Aguil is tenacious in her goal of becoming a medical doctor to help the people of South Sudan and works very hard in school. Middle school students at Colorado Academy began supporting Aguil in 2009. They receive letters and updates from Aguil each year. Students raise funds during the school year to continue the support of this incredible young woman.


Join us in transforming the lives of South Sudanese refugee orphans who are eager to attend school!

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