Primary School – Roots Academy (K-8)

New Seeds students arriving from Kakuma Refugee Camp start their formal education at Roots Academy, a large K-8 school in Nakuru, Kenya not far from Home Base. The school attracts both boarding and local students. Quotes on buildings encourage excellence and there are many clubs with extracurricular activity.

“The Seeds of South Sudan students are gifted academically and are role models,” said Mr. Collins, head teacher at Roots. He noted that the 1,000 Roots students often elect the South Sudanese students as Head Girl and Head Boy, even though they constitute a fraction of the student body.

“I urge people to support Seeds of South Sudan,” Mr. Collins continued. “They are going to change their nation and make it into one of the best nations in Africa.”

Secondary Schools (Grades 9-12)

At the end of eighth grade, all students in Kenya take a national placement exam.

The national government decides which high schools the students attend. The national high schools are the most prestigious, followed by provincial high schools and local high schools. Many SoSS scholars have attended national high schools, including Koelel and Emining Boys High Schools and Njonjo and Kipsigis Girls High School.

High Schools

Anestar Victory Girls HS
Bahati Nenegan
Baringo Boys
Jomo Kenyatta Boys
Jomo Kenyatta Girls
Karsabet Boys
Kipsigis Girls
Koelel Boys
Jomo Kenyatta Girls
Maseno School
Meru Boys
Nakuru Boys
Nakuru Girls
Njonjo Girls
Ringa Boys
Shinners Boys
Solai Boys
St. Gabriel Boys
St. Joseph Boys
Utumishi Academy

College Programs

After 10 years of work, Seeds of South Sudan students are completing their high school education at a rapid rate. We are committed to providing our high school graduates with further training so they can be more effective when they return to a peaceful South Sudan. There are three options for higher education and vocational training:

Certificate: Kenya offers one-year certificate programs in a variety of fields, from nursing, pharmacy and software development to plumbing, auto mechanics and carpentry.

Community College (Two Year Program): Kenya offers two-year diplomas in a variety of fields. Many SoSS students will likely start by earning a one-year certificate in such fields as pharmacy, nursing, teaching, early childhood and business and continue to a 2-year degree in these fields. Other college options include Information Technology, engineering and more.

University education is open to SoSS graduates who qualify and when funds are available. They must score highly on high school exit exams. Our newest graduates want to study international relations, law, medicine and more.

The students pictured on this page are studying medicine, accounting, economics, statistics and theology.


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