Higher Education

Help Our Students  Fulfill The Dream For South Sudan Through A College Education 

Since 2009, Seeds has educated South Sudanese refugee orphans in Kenyan boarding schools. Now, more than 60 have graduated from high school. Many grads are seeking a college education in Kenya or Canada to fulfill the dream of rebuilding South Sudan.

These university students need additional support as their college tuition and expenses are only partially covered.

Geu Ayuel Warabek (below, left) is studying accounting at Kenyan College of Accountancy. South Sudan is plagued by corruption, so these skills are important to repairing their economy. He lost part of his sponsorship so he needs $2,400 per year to finish his degree.

Alek Garang Thuch (below center) is studying clinical medicine. She has lost two-thirds of her sponsorship, so she needs $2,400 a year to finish her education.

Chol Akech Nyingut (below right) is studying to be an electrician at the East Africa Institute of Certified Studies. He needs $2,600 to cover housing, tuition and books.

Trained professionals in these fields are critically needed in South Sudan.

Please give to Seeds to help our students realize their dreams to become healthcare clinicians, business owners and tradespersons. You may donate through our main portal, through PayPal or Colorado Gives on the Donate Page

For information on sponsoring a South Sudanese student, contact Eileen at sponsorinfoseeds@gmail.com.

These caring, ethical young people will make a major difference in their shattered county of South Sudan. Thanks for your interest and support.


Join us in transforming the lives of South Sudanese refugee orphans who are eager to attend school!

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