Five Orphans Are Waiting in Kakuma For A New Life

Seeds has interviewed these five refugee orphans who are waiting for a sponsor to give them an education and a new life through Seeds of South Sudan. They were recommended by elders in the Kakuma Refugee Camp as children who want an education and want to help rebuild their shattered country of South Sudan.

Orphans Waiting in Kakuma

These five orphans were interviewed by volunteers at Kakuma Refugee Camp several months ago. They are waiting for sponsors to transform their lives through education. The students and their ages are: top left, Deng Mawut Chol (16); Deng Mayen Khot (13); Malith Geu Ateny (11). Bottom row are: Yar Thuch Kuir (12) and Apajok Thon Thuch (13).


These orphans waiting in Kakuma are being prioritized due to their age and possibly their health.  Older students find it difficult to catch up if they are several years behind their peers in school.

The last batch of refugees had multiple serious, but treatable illnesses, including malaria, intestinal worms and bacterial infections.  Once they receive treatment and three meals a day, they thrive.

Can you help change a child’s life through sponsorship?  Since 2009, Seeds has transformed the lives of 150 South Sudanese orphans through education.  If you are already a sponsor, perhaps you can recommend Seeds to a friend. If you want to share a sponsorship, contact Eileen at

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Changing a child’s life can transform your life, too!  It is very gratifying to make such a change in the lives of these caring young people. Thanks for reading.